Come December and it’s a month of joy, cheer, gifts, festivities and of course “Santa Claus”. This is the month where everyone despite the chill and the snow, come out to shop for Christmas decorations, gifts, and presents, new decor for the house, etc., calling out Merry Christmas with a whopping jubilance to everyone they meet. It is also the time to sip hot cocoa, roast marshmellows, slide on an ice rink and clink friendly glasses to mark the celebration and the moment of happiness.

The season is also the busiest for craftsmen, handmade markets, gift markets where people throng in hundreds to buy a cherished gift for their family and friends and share the spirit of giving. Decorations are a form of art and the display of lighting was an extra touch of effort that brightened the holiday season to a greater extent.


The Christmas season last year started for me and my family with a visit to the James Island County Park in South Carolina which was simply a magnific transformation of a nature-abound park to a wonderland with lighting everywhere. The lighting was themed as Toyland, Winterland, Candyland etc. and the displays were both mesmerizing and opulent. A leisurely drive through the park spanning nearly three miles was attractive. We stopped intermittently to view the array of lights, identifying the nursery rhymes depicted in the lights, the themes and concepts of Christmas well brought out, along with the sound of music and the aroma of food. We stopped by at several points to marvel at the eclectic display of lights, take a picture and then move on. Gradually, the urge to walk through this wonderland of lights took over and we parked our car taking a stroll through the main tent where more lighting, music, food and shopping was visible. The sound of children giggling and laughing, the crunchiness of roasting the marshmallows, the popcorns going pop, pop, pop in the microwave, the brewing smell of hot cocoa all mingled well with the spirit of the evening. Toddlers could be seen inside the little boutique toy shops which had cute displays of cuddly animals, dolls, and an interesting array of small puzzles, and toys. There was a big carousel with animal based wooden seats making it a best-sought place for the kids in the arena. On the other end, we saw sculptures made of sand-art simply creating a very shiny effect with the lighting. There were trees and bushes decorated in the middle of a small lake which created a reflection in the water, glorifying a 3d effect to the whole scene. We also saw a big red Santa seat where you could sit as family and say cheese! Not to forget the waft of yummy cookies and hot breads from the Santa Shoppe bakery. I look forward to going to this festival lighting this year and the next.

This is just one such example of the lighting in the park that takes place during this time. You will find many more of such parks, each unique and different from the other, making you wonder if you have been transported on a journey across the world. More to come in the Christmas series. Good Bye. Happy Holidays!

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