A hot summer day and we decided to do what we typically look forward to in the summer – a day at the beach. A two hour drive from Raleigh led us to the small town beach area – Kure beach. With a beautiful fishing pier as a eye-catching beauty, the beach is further accentuated with its deep blue water, and the nearby attractions of an aquarium, and an old historic fort site.

We reached and parked near to the beach access area. Tugging along the numerous baggage (a hassle, yet one cannot do without it!) we went through the wooden steps to find a spot where we could pitch our umbrella and settle down comfortably. The first view was undoubtedly the best. The beach was crowded and nothing less to expect in the summer season, with colorful umbrellas fluttering in the wind. That against the backdrop of the stunning blue sea was mesmerizing in itself.

We finally found a spot close to the beach waves and the children ran away to dip their toes in the blue water and enjoy their splash for the day. A walk down the beach led us to the fishing tackle shop which provides the access to the pier. You can rent out rods and fishing gear from the shop and sit on the benches in the pier and fish to your heart’s content. Additionally, spectators are allowed FREE inside the pier and it is beautiful to be so close to the ocean and see the aqua marine sea all the sides, with one in the middle of it.

Close to the pier is the Kure Town access area where numerous beachy shops offer souvenirs, fishing gears, clothing, decor, and sports gear all with a beachy flavor. Some of them are the glamorous, touristy stuff that is often found at the beach towns, but there are some hidden gems too that one can fish out.

The only drawback were the public changing rooms which are located in in the town access area near the pier and have only two changing rooms. The rooms were maintained in a poor condition and were hardly sufficient for the vast majority of population taking a dip in the ocean and searching for a place to change. There were some water pipes near the pier where one could wash the sand but again it is the same area that leads in to the beach, so you could find people crowding around it from either side and blocking the rest of the people who needed to go in or come out. The rest rooms were also scarce and it would have helped if there were more convenient changing rooms, rest rooms and water pipes.

If you are a seafood lover, then there is no shortage for the type of seafood – various restaurants surround the beach access area and you can pick some of your favorite type of seafood. For vegetarians, the not-so-good news is the smell that comes from some of the restaurants around, which one should conveniently ignore and go ahead.

Otherwise, it was a reposing day at the beach with its sticky sandy texture, the wavy ocean waves, swimming, surfing and above all enjoying the nice cool breeze. A waft of fresh sea sir further stimulates your senses to make you love the beach even if you are a mountain person (this definitely applies for me!).

Take a day off, sample the beach along with the Aquarium and Fort Fisher site and it is a day well spent.

Happy Summer.