Though a bit late!. Many links were being circulated about the huge field of sunflowers which were blooming across patches of fields and one such field near the Neuse river caught my attention. It just did not occur to me to me to read up to when the blooms would be upright before I ventured, dreaming of the bright sunny faces dancing happily in the sun.

Nevertheless, all I can say was that I had a happy time walking through the Neuse River Trail (for a mile), viewing the farms, looking at the fields filled with hay bales and corn plants, viewing the Neuse River from a bridge and then watching a beautiful butterfly sunning on the ground. Finally, came the the drooping sunflower fields, which looked disappointing from the outside, but one could not but wonder at how they had charmed thousands of visitors through the season. Bees and butterflies were abundant and busy buzzing and pollinating the flowers. The patches in the middle of the field were still warriors fighting the sun.

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While I did miss the pretty show, I must say this was a different kind of a show, wondering how the beauty and glory of the sunflowers made the the fields proud.

Happy Exploring!