Travel Yarns

Experiences, Cultures, Traditions, Reminiscences from the East and the West


A common purpose, a common vision, a common determination made me Arthi Sridharan, a marketing professional and Rekha Chellappa, a passionate craft hobbyist to start sharing our experiences on travel  – understanding the culture, traditions, arts, crafts, the best places to visit, the personal experiences in each city, town and make this fun, interesting and informative to all our readers.

We started this as an arts and crafts blog and now feel that as we travel, the places we see, the people we meet, the nature we view, the thrills we experience and the interaction we do might be helpful to all of you. We are now expanding this to cover places we have visited with a view on what to see, the time needed, the type of place, and what makes it interesting.

East meets West is our motto, so you will see experiences flowing in from States of India, to the States in the US. Our journey to venture into a blog of this kind is to bring in the myriad possibilities of sharing travel yore’s, traditions, cultures and festivals from different regions, cities, and towns. All with a vision of encouraging the finesse of the work that many of us have heard about but not seen.

If you share this vision, do follow this blog page. Comments and feedback are welcome. If you like to be a contributor to this blog, please do send us a request at and we will add you to the blog. Please note that the blogs will be moderated to ensure fairness and appropriateness of language.


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